At The Brake Shop Total Car Care located at 536 N Country Club Dr in Mesa, AZ we know how important it is to keep your business vehicles on the road. We promise to give our fleet business customers high priority and get them serviced as quickly as possible.  What makes our services the right choice for your business?

EXPERIENCE  We understand that being without your vehicle is not only an inconvenience but is costing your company time and money. We know how important it is to offer you the best possible service and price.  Our automotive repair technicians bring experience and the diagnostic equipment to service and maintain your vehicles quickly and professionally.

SERVICE & FULL PROGRAM OPTIONS   We deliver consistent quality service. By coordinating with your fleet manager to prepare a comprehensive maintenance schedule, and with our detailed maintenance records on file, we’ll get your vehicles back on the road quickly.

15076745280CORE Fleet / Asset Management Service Plan Available

Service Outline:

•    Vehicle / Asset Maintenance & Repair Services
•    Maintenance & Repair Scheduling & Coordination*
•    GPS System Management*
•    Vehicle Registrations
•    Emissions Testing
•    Annual DOT Inspections
•    Online Data & Records Management
•    Monthly Vehicle Utilization Reporting*
•    Vehicle / Asset Expense Reports*
•    Digital Pre-Trip Inspections*
•    Mobile Wash Service

Monthly service fee per vehicle:
Monthly service fee per asset (Utility Trailers, Mobile Generators, etc.):
(5% Discount available for bi-annual billing)
(10% Discount available for annual billing)


Service Descriptions

Vehicle / Asset Maintenance & Repair Services  One call for everything! We will perform all regularly scheduled preventative maintenance inspections and provide a digital copy available to be reviewed online complete with pictures of areas of concern. All maintenance and repairs completed are backed by our 24 month / 24,000-mile nationwide warranty.

When we say we are FULL SERVICE, we mean it? Our Fleet Management Program offers a one-call approach to service. Our technicians are trained to service your equipment and trailers as well. Trailer and equipment maintenance is just as important as keeping your business moving forward. Why not have one phone call for all of your mobile assets?

Service Scheduling & Coordination*  With the GPS tracking systems, will be monitoring vehicles usage and current mileage. As vehicle mileage accrues, we will contact the designated that vehicle and coordinate getting the vehicles picked up for service when it is most convenient for your workflow schedule. We work closely and communicate directly with your team members and the authorized repair facility nearest to your vehicle, to ensure all vehicle inspections, preventative maintenance, and necessary repairs are completed in a timely manner to minimize any unnecessary asset downtime.

GPS System Management*  Having GPS Insight hardware installed in your vehicles puts you ahead of the curve! GPS Insight is one of the most robust and comprehensive asset management tools on the market. We have been working very closely with GPS Insight for several years now and can help you optimize your system to make it work for you. With our management service program, we will set up and customize the system to make sure that the key features are being utilized to their full potential. This will provide your company the critical data required to facilitate long-term planning that maximizes your asset's useful life.

We will also customize and set up all alerts and automated reporting to provide you snapshots of the information your supervisors and managers can utilize to manage their teams

Vehicle Registrations | Emissions Testing | DOT Inspections  Our management program includes tracking vehicle registrations for renewal, emissions testing and ensuring that your company no longer wasters time handling this tedious functions internally. We will process all renewals and take all vehicles that are required to have emissions testing completed, through emissions and deliver back to your facility.

Annual DOT inspections (if required) will also be monitored and tracked to ensure all vehicles are up to date and within regulations. DOT Inspections are performed at our facility to minimize downtime and eliminate the need to use multiple vendors and spending labor dollars taking the vehicle in for inspection. This allows your team members to spend their time, working on their core function.

Data & Records Management* | Utilization Reporting | Expense Reporting  Data Management is critical to properly manage your fleet and assets. Every inspection, estimate, and invoice will be available online for instant review. Our Fleet Management Program provides a complete overview of all vehicle and asset expenses. We will provide monthly or quarterly reports that provide an in-depth look at your fleet. With this data, we can identify trends within the fleet to help you minimize costs and downtime. We will keep records of all Maintenance, Repair, Fuel, Insurance, Inspections, and any other fleet-related expenses.

Digital Pre-Trip Inspections*  We offer digital customized inspections that can be completed by each driver every day with their smartphone or tablet. This allows the drivers to quickly provide critical daily information that can minimize breakdowns in the field. Each driver will be provided access to our online system through an easy-to-use app. This app will allow the driver to answer a few simple questions by simply entering the current odometer and selecting one of two options, “Pass” or “Fail”. If an item is “Failed”, we will be automatically notified. The driver may also add a more descriptive note or even take a picture of the item in question to provide more detail. This allows for ease of communication and ensures that we are made aware of driver concerns without someone having to take the time to review handwritten inspections later in the day or even weeks after an issue was noticed.

Insurance Claim Management  In the unfortunate event that one of your dedicated team members is involved in a vehicle collision, we will work directly with the insurance company to get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. While these events do not happen very often, they can have a negative impact on scheduling and productivity when a vehicle is out of service for any length of time. We understand this and work diligently to make sure that everyone involved in the process is kept up to date and knows when to expect the vehicle back in service.

Mobile Fleet Wash Service  We are now offering a mobile wash service to all our commercial account clients. We will be adding this to our service offerings to serve you better and provide your company a worry-free maintenance program that addresses all aspects of managing your assets, including how they look when you arrive at a job.

Reliable, top quality work at a fair price – backed by an honest, dependable company – is what you can expect and what you will receive when you make The Brake Shop Total Car Care your fleet services company.  We work with top fleet service programs and look forward to earning your business fleet business.

Trust your team of fleet vehicles to our team of automotive technicians at The Brake Shop Total Car Care located at 536 N Country Club Dr in Mesa, AZ

*Cost of service is included in the monthly fee.

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