What a great, honest place! I went in to get my breaks checked because they were squeaking a decent amount. After a 30 minute check they broke the news that my breaks were just fine, plenty of padding left. They said the dry air in the desert sometimes makes the pads squeak. Any other place could have taken advantage and said something totally dishonest. Definitely will return in 3-6 months to get them checked out again. - A.A.

I took my Suburban into the Brake Shop after reading the reviews on Yelp.  I am always nervous about taking my cars to mechanics, I've been ripped off before and I don't know enough about cars to know if I'm being treated fairly.  The assistant manager, Carl checked out my car free of charge and determined that I needed just my rear brakes changed.  I had dragged my feet about going to get my brakes repaired because I knew it was going to cost a lot, and there's not a lot of extra money during Christmas time.  The cost was about half of what I expected and only took about an hour.  I will not only recommend the Brake Shop to everyone I know, I'm also sending my husband in there this week to have his truck checked out.  It's not often you find a mechanic you feel you can trust, but you can definitely trust these guys, and we're driving all the way from Queen Creek for our repairs. - Keli A.

These guys are very honest, and straight forward. I went in there after some shop screwed up my brake job and these guys had to fix their mess. I am truly grateful there are still good people out there. They completely took care of my Acura and the pricing is fair. I definitely  recommend these guys to anyone. By far the best auto service center. - Frank L.

Honest, great quality work, friendly people, quick... don't go anywhere else! - Kristin W.

So a whopping 14 months after Toyota said I needed new brakes, the guys here finally agreed. (Note that I have come here twice before and been told both times that I didn't need brakes.)  I called them about 30 minutes before I was hoping to get in and the accommodated me and took unbelievable care of me. I recommend this place more than anything else I've ever recommended.  I'm a big fan!!! - Ed G.

This is the kind of place you look for, but can never find. Nice people, fair prices, honest mechanical information... what's left to ask for? I've had a complete brake job performed there, plus brought my car over to have them check out the front end, since other major shops claimed I needed all new front components; well, surprise - the noise was from a strut mount that was not going to fail. Thanks Carl! - Charles W.

P.S. If you're going to stay a long time they have WiFi!

I had my car fixed here twice. Super nice and honest people working there. This a place for me or for people like me who only knows how to drive but nothing else about a car because you don't need to worry they tell you to replace/fix parts that you don't really need or overprice the parts.

An example, the second time I went there was because I hit my front wheel on a curb, then the car started shaking pretty badly so I brought it to another shop closeby( with good yelp reviews too somehow). I came back with a $570 quote on a part that's "at least need to be changed". I called the break shop as they've left a very good impression to me the first time I was there. I was told to bring the car in for them to take a look because that $570 part many not be necessary... guess what, I drove in, they inspected my car and told me the only thing i need to change is the wheel it self, which only cost like ~$220. How happy I was hearing that! They even helped me to put on my spare tires and let me drove back without charging me anything! They have my trust now I won't go anywhere else for auto repairs. Highly recommend! (And yes they do have shuttle services to send you home/work while your car is in repair). - Maci W.

Long story short we were on a road trip and were stranded in AZ. This place is run by an friendly and honest soul named Rick. No funny business and our car was up an running in no time for an low and honest rate. - 5 Star Customer Review

This is the first shop I have found in my 10 years in the Valley where I know the guys are honest and will not try to rip me off or sell me things I do not need. On more than one occasion, I have taken other shops' recommendations to get brakes/struts/flushes done ASAP, and when I took my vehicles in to the Brake Shop, I found out that either a) I did not need to get the work done at all or b) I still had 6-12 months before the issue would be urgent. These guys are knowledgeable, efficient, fairly-priced, and will always give you a prioritized list of things from what needs attention right away to stuff that can wait a while. I highly recommend this place, and not just for brake-related issues, but all car-related problems! - Zeina H.

How many times do you struggled over whether you are getting ripped off at an auto place? You want to find that one place that is just honest... well The Brake Shop is it!

Couple of examples:

I took my car is because I was sure that I had brake problems, they took a look at my brakes and said they just needed to be cleaned, cleaned them out the door, NO CHARGE! I was ready and willing to pay to have my breaks replaced... all they had to do is give the word. They didn't and I got another 6 months out of my brakes.

I recently took my car in because I was sure the exhaust was having problems (yes they do more the just brakes). They told me to wait a couple minutes and if I needed an entire exhaust restructure that they would send me somewhere else because I could get it a lot cheaper!

It turned out that it wasn't my exhaust at all and they the engine was actually broken and it would not be worth it to fix it... which leads me to my last example:

After I decided that it was not worth fixing my car I asked them what they thought I should do with it... they recommended just selling it to a scrap company for parts. I have no idea how to do that but no worries, they stored it on their lot until THEY got a hold of a scrap company and THEY bargained with the company to get me $400 for my piece of junk car... cleaned out any personal belongings and held them until I picked them up!

For these guys it is all about building a relationship... I would take my car to them for anything. - Preston S.

I've been going to this shop for 6 years. They have consistently taken care of my car's maintenance which may not always be easy for a 2002 Hyundai. They have never tried to take advantage of me financially, honest to a fault. My first trip there, I wanted to get my brakes replaced because I heard squealing. They checked my brakes and told me that no replacement was necessary. I still had some room to go. The noise was caused by dirt from the recent haboob. Tell me what other mechanic would ever do that?? - T.C.

I rarely write reviews, but I was so impressed with everyone at The Brake Shop that I wanted to share my experience. I went in on my own as a woman, and it was ridiculously clear that I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to cars. Everyone at The Brake Shop was professional, kind, and got my brakes fixed very quickly. It would have been really easy for them to oversell me, or tell me I needed more repairs than were necessary. However, they were upfront, honest, and were able to repair the car for much less than I thought. They could have easily told me that I needed to replace both rotors, and I would have agreed, but they told me they were able to repair one of them to save me money. Superb service and people who obviously conduct business with a great deal of integrity. I'll definitely be back! - Ariel K.

I have taken several of my vehicles here over the past 5 years, everything from cars to a diesel four wheel drive truck and they always do a great job at a reasonable price. The staff are very knowledgable and courteous. Highly recommend them. - Brian D.

I trust, respect and believe in these guys. They've always been fair, honest and they don't 'sugar-coat' your car problems. They also do all they can to make it as budget-conscience as it can be. I will always recommend this shop for any and all repairs or maintenance. - Teri K.

I recently had an oil change done at a local dealership for my '96 Honda Civic where they told me I needed to have additional axle work done and that I had significant oil leaks. They quoted me at roughly $350 for this work. I had gone to the Brake Shop before for another vehicle where they had more reasonable prices so I decided to give them a try again. For the same work they quoted me about $100 cheaper.  Here is where it gets interesting...

After ordering the part and looking at the vehicle they informed that the work was not even necessary! They saved me a car expense that I didn't even need! Not only did they say the part did not need to be replaced, but the part was still in good condition! However, they did tell me the battery would need to be replaced in the near future, which the dealership failed to mention to me. Needless to say, I got a new battery; this would be beneficial living here in the desert.

Carl and his staff are VERY HONEST and PROFESSIONAL. I can't get over how honest this auto shop is despite the misconceptions with mechanics and integrity. If you're looking for trustworthy evaluations on your vehicle, especially older ones like mine, I definitely encourage you to go to the Brake Shop. Due to this experience, I am now having my oil changes and other maintenance done by the Brake Shop! - Wesley H.

Best auto repair business in the Valley. They are not rip-off con artists like most auto shops, and they will do the best work possible on your vehicle. They do a great job explaining the needs and costs of repairs and are actually interested in making sure their customers are treated well. As a single woman, this place gives me comfort knowing I am not getting lied to.  They do all auto repair, not just brakes. I highly recommend to give them a try. - Amy T.

The Brake Shop has always been fair to me and they're always extremely pleasant and easy to work with. Won't go anywhere else! - Wendi C.

Went there for an Uber vehicle inspection. They were fast. They did not try to con me. The place is so clean. They even have a nice coffee maker. - Sandra M.

Memorial Day weekend, my starter went out. Fortunately, The Brake Shop was nearby and open on Saturdays. When I called, Carl was incredibly nice and enthusiastic - it was 3pm, and he said if it was just the starter, they would do their best to get it done that day. Otherwise, I would be carless until Tuesday. I had my car back and running perfectly in two hours. When Carl asked if I needed a ride, I said I would walk, and he insisted on picking me up in a shuttle vehicle. On the way, he explained everything they did, why the starter failed, and even that they cleaned off the major corrosion on the battery wires - the probable cause of the failure - for free, because he "would hate to see a perfectly good starter fail again".

I was so impressed that I went back a week later because my blinker was out. I was in and out of there in 20 minutes. When I asked what I owed, Carl said, "I can't charger you for replacing a blinker bulb!" He easily could have charged me but didn't. He also explained that the connectors were a little worn out but that we could deal with that later.

Fast, quality service, super friendly, and they explain everything. I had an old mechanic that I used to really like, but I'm going to have to bid him adieu because The Brake Shop is my new go-to mechanic. - Kelley S.

Amazing job on my brakes. They went over what needed to be done, what could wait, how the different types of brakes work in my car and how to extend the life of my new brakes. They also looked over my car to see if there was any other problems to make sure I would be safe driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles. When I called them initially to get a quote they were exceptionally nice, very patient and thorough without pressuring me to schedule a time to come in like several other companies. They did exactly what the car needed and the price was beyond fair. They were very friendly and I would recommend everyone come to these guys for anything to do with a car. - Courtney S.

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