When it comes to emissions repair. Mesa is pretty unforgiving about passing the emissions test, and it’s our job to make sure that your vehicle always passes with flying colors. While many drivers can feel like the state has them over a barrel regarding emissions repairs, that sentiment is often purely because most folks don’t understand exactly what is going on how quick and easy some of the solutions can be.

Here at the Brake Shop, we feel that it is our duty to make sure that our customers not only see the value in emissions repairs, but that they also have a grasp of what it is we are doing for them and their vehicles for the long haul. Emissions Maintenance serves not only the short term goal of getting a passing score, but also increases the fuel efficiency of your engine and makes sure it is running smoothly.

So that our customers can be confident that we are committed to the quickest fix, and the most effective use of your dollars, we have compiled a short list of potential problems that can cause your vehicle to Fail Emissions testing, and a description of the solution.

  • Failed Sensors – There are a few sensors in your vehicle that can cause a failed emissions test. One of the most common is the O2 sensor. A failed O2 sensor can cause your vehicle to think that your exhaust is running “rich”, basically, that there is an excess of unburned fuel sent out the tailpipe.
  • Air Injection System – The exhaust system of your vehicle will often mix a portion of air with the crude emissions of your vehicle. This is to better control the amount of harmful gasses that come out of the engine. If there is a problem here, then the air coming out of the tailpipe will be absolutely choked with poison and you can fail the test.
  • Fuel Metering – there are several components in the vehicle which aid in the process of fuel metering. It could be a problem with the fuel injection, carburetor, or computerized engine controls. Either way, this is actually a serious problem and requires attention as soon as possible.
  • Ignition System – if the ignition system in your vehicle is experiencing a problem you can expect to fail an emissions test. Solving this problem can be as simple as replacing spark plugs, some news wires or replacing a worn out distributor cap.

No matter what caused your vehicle to fail an emissions test, we know that very few of us are excited about the second round of testing. Here at the Brake Shop, we want to ease the minds of our customers so that they can get passed this annoying fact of life as quickly as possible.

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