For the vast majority of drivers in Mesa AZ, fuel system service is something that is rarely thought of; but the benefits to the proper function and reliability to your vehicle make it something that should not be ignored. Because of the increases in gas mileage, and the benefits to overall performance, we would like to take a few moments to help our customers understand this important service. Fuel system maintenance consists of only a few action items; but keeping up on these few, but vital fuel system services can make a world of difference.

Fuel Filter Replacement – the primary reason behind the majority of drivers forgetting this crucial bit of maintenance is often because the fuel filter is not only invisible, but we perceive gasoline as being clean and perfectly suited for use directly out of the pump. The fact is that gasoline will always have a few contaminants floating around. Whether its sediment building up at the bottom of your fuel tank or just plain old dirt; your fuel filter helps keep harmful gunk out of your engine. If you don’t remember the last time you replaced your fuel filter, odds are that it’s overdue for replacement.
Fuel Pump Problems – the vast majority of Fuel Pumps in today’s vehicles are designed to last for a lifetime. However, low quality gasoline can force the fuel pump to work overtime and wear itself out prematurely. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to avoid this other than using quality gasoline and the occasional additive detergents to keep the pump in good health. Because the fuel pump is generally located inside the fuel tank itself, it is best to try and avoid this kind of repair altogether. Ask our service advisor on the best course of action for your vehicle.

Fuel Injector Cleaning – Despite the best efforts, there is no way to completely stop buildup from occurring in the engine cylinders. Because fuel injectors are quite expensive to replace, it is far better to have them cleaned once in a while rather than wait for them to break. There are several specifications when it comes to fuel injectors, so if you have concerns we invite you to speak to our technicians and let them help you make the right decision for your specific vehicle.

Because the health of your fuel system has a direct connection to your vehicles fuel economy, it is quite prudent to make sure that nothing is amiss in your vehicles fuel system. Incidentally, using only higher quality fuel helps keep the system in better condition, so we suggest making the investment at the pump to help you avoid the necessity for repairs, with only minor maintenance required over the course of time.

Speaking to any of our technicians can help you gain a better understanding of how these services will affect not only gas mileage, but the overall performance of your engine. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have, our staff will see to it that you and your vehicle are well taken care of.

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