When it comes to your car, it is very easy to neglect some of the most important components of your vehicle. We are of course talking about your car belts and hoses. Mesa Arizona has a specific problem when it comes to vehicle belt and hose repair because of the intense heat of our summers. As we are all aware, sun rot can quickly wreak havoc on even the sturdiest materials in record time. This is why it is so important to keep up on belt and hose maintenance without fail.

Though there are numerous belts and hoses which are important to the proper operation of your vehicle, there are a few that need to be given special attention. The reason for this is because the proper function of your vehicle is tied directly to them. We have taken this opportunity to explain a little bit about these so you can be prepared to deal with them.

Serpentine Belt – this belt actually snakes through many of the important auxiliary components of your vehicle including the air conditioning, power steering, cooling fan, and others. Because of how many components the serpentine belt effects, it is extremely important to make sure that remains in excellent condition

Timing Belt – without this belt to keep the combustion chambers firing in the correct time, your vehicle will absolutely not start. Because of this, some manufacturers have decided to replace this belt with a chain. Either way, once in a great while, a timing belt must be replaced, or a timing chain lubricated, or you can expect a catastrophic engine failure in the future.

Hoses – The most important hoses in your vehicle are related to the cooling of your engine. The hoses that need the most attention are the upper and lower radiator hoses, heater hoses and sometimes the bypass hose. If these hoses are allowed to fail, your engine can quickly overheat and cause serious damage that is very expensive to repair.

Especially because of the heat here in Arizona, your vehicles belts and hoses can degrade faster than usual. This is why we are always on the lookout for any indication that these important belts and hoses are in need of replacement.

We understand that replacing a belt or hose is something that you definitely do not want to faced with after something like a simple oil change. That’s why we always try to make sure that you are aware of these issues well in advance of the actual work. By staying vigilant, and keeping a sharp eye out for belt and hose problems, we give our customers the ability to plan ahead for auto repair costs and keep themselves and their engine safe from any nasty surprises.

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