Because of our climate car maintenance service in Mesa AZ is largely forgotten by most people. Here at The Brake Shop, we would like to go over some of the more important reasons for preventive maintenance and why keeping your car in top condition is advisable to all drivers.

First and foremost, the general car maintenance of any vehicle is what allows any driver to accurately predict the behavior of their vehicle. If a vehicle is allowed to become unpredictable, it constitutes a serious safety risk to the driver, passengers and anyone else on the road. Keeping up on car maintenance will allow you to drive confidently, and respond properly in the event of an impending accident.

On top of this, preventive maintenance is quite simply the best thing that can be done to preserve the value invested in your vehicle. With proper care, it is not uncommon for any given vehicle on the road to last upwards of 15 years and still be in perfect health.

The important thing to remember when it comes to general maintenance of a vehicle is that there are some components of the internal combustion engine that wear out over time, but you can make them last as long as possible by following a few simple guidelines.

  • Oil Change - regular oil changes can mean the difference between a reliable car and a rolling Junker. Though there is some debate on whether or not you absolutely need to change the oil at 3 thousand miles, we suggest consulting your drivers manual and adhering to its suggestion.
  • Belts and hoses - inspecting your vehicles belts and hoses for any degradation will help keep your vehicle reliable. Replacing any damaged parts before they break entirely can save your engine from the strain of operating without it even for a short time.
  • Radiator - about once a year, your radiator should have its fluid exchanged to stop the buildup of sludge or minerals. Either of these can easily clog up the radiator and cause your engine to overheat.
  • Fuel Filter - replacing your fuel filter can do wonders for the entirety of the fuel system. Consider the fact that there are always going to be impurities in gasoline. Removing these impurities efficiently can improve the performance of your vehicle and protect your fuel injectors from clogging.
  • Steering - checking the levels of power steering fluid and the alignment of the tires from time to time can make a significant difference in your confidence while driving. Ensuring that your vehicle is responsive to the steering is an absolute necessity.

The modern car is an absolutely amazing piece of machinery that rely’s on different portions of itself to run smoothly. If one link in the chain has become weak then other portions of the vehicle can suffer. The interesting thing is that most drivers seem to prefer to wait until a component breaks entirely before solving the problem. This ends up costing significantly more than if the problem were addressed in its early stages.

The truth is, the more often you think about the small things in a vehicle, the more likely you are to avoid the requirement for major engine or transmission work. The price you pay for general maintenance is well worth the money and worry saved.

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