Here you are, your vehicle is getting up there in miles and its time for timing belt repair. Mesa has more than a few places where you can get this done, but you already know that the Brake Shop knew this service was coming up, warned you about it, and talked you through your options well ahead of time.

Timing Belt Replacement is one of the biggest jobs in auto repair, consisting of a substantial amount of labor. In almost every case, the timing belt is hidden behind, and looped through many different parts of the vehicle. This means that when planned for properly, you have an opportunity to repair or replace many of the parts that you wouldn’t normally worry about until they have failed entirely. By dealing with these issues ahead of time, you make an investment in the smooth operation and cut deeply into the overall cost of maintenance in the future.

When you are faced with the upcoming necessity for a timing belt repair, it can be difficult to decide what else should be done while the engine is open. Because this job is done once about every 150,000 miles, it is an excellent opportunity for serious preventative maintenance. While it can be difficult to make a decision on the spot as to what maintenance should be done, our service advisors are here to talk you though the process and help you come to an educated decision.

We want our customers to know that when it comes to serious maintenance procedures for their vehicle, they are in complete control of the situation; we are just here to guide you down the path that will be the most cost effective for you. We understand that when it comes to your vehicle, everyone is looking for the most bang for the buck, while ensuring reliability and keeping nasty surprises well at bay. You can be assured that our ASE certified technicians, quality parts and the experience of our technicians will achieve these goals and give you the peace of mind you require when it comes to your vehicle.

While it is difficult to make these decisions on the spot, it is much easier to plan ahead. We want our customers to know exactly what their options are, what they can expect in the future, and have a good idea as to what kind of costs they are avoiding in the future. That is why take any request for timing belt maintenance or replacement so seriously. At The Brake Shop, we know that your vehicle represents one of the largest investments you own, we want to help you preserve the value of that investment, and keep you secure in the confidence that your money is well spent.

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