When it comes to car air conditioning, Mesa AZ residents are well aware of the need for functioning air conditioning in their vehicles. In this city, Air Conditioning is not considered a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Because of the harsh climate that we all experience, it is common to see all kinds of advertised specials in the summer months promising Car A/C repairs for a surprisingly low price, what these advertisements don’t specify is exactly what actually done for the money you’ve spent. Not surprisingly, many of these deals are exactly what they sound like, too good to be true.

The real shame with these kinds of services is that more often than not, your car AC could require multiple visits to the mechanic over the course of a single summer.

At The Brake Shop, we have always felt that when it comes to Air Conditioning repairs, it is much better to be well aware of the costs upfront, and be able to count on the reliability of the repair into the future.

We have noticed that one of the best ways to ensure your dollar is well spent is to educate our customers on exactly how an air conditioner works, and where their dollars are going when AC repair is necessary.

At the most basic level, an air conditioner is made up of a few components. Here is a quick rundown of what they are called and what they do.

  • Compressor – Consider the Compressor the beating heart of the air conditioning system. If the compressor fails then the coolant is no longer pushed through the rest of the system and cannot cool the cabin of your vehicle. The compressor has a few moving parts and is subject to seizing up if not properly cared after. Unfortunately, the compressor is also one of the most expensive components to replace.
  • Condenser – This is the component which forces the Freon to turn from gas to liquid and is one of the driving forces in the refrigeration cycle. Interestingly enough, the condenser actually generates a great deal of heat from this and is looks a lot like, and is generally located next to the radiator.
  • Refrigerant – the refrigerants in your vehicle are what actually make the air conditioner more effective than a simple fan. The refrigerants are actually made from a compound called Freon which is changed from a gas, to liquid and back again through the refrigeration cycle. Because your cars AC is a closed system, if any of the Freon escapes then it must be replaced to get full function from the Air Conditioning.
  • Hoses and lines – though it may seem silly to include the hoses and lines as a component in your air conditioning. They are actually a very important part of keeping your AC functional throughout the hottest parts of the year. If they ever become loose or cracked than the refrigerant in the system escapes and contributes to the early failure of the whole system 

Without all of these components working in concert, your car air conditioning just won’t work the way you expect it to. And if any of these primary components are broken, then a quick Freon recharge simply won’t do the trick to repair your air conditioning.

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