One of the things that is rarely considered by the average driver is steering repairs. Mesa roads are fine for the most part, but some of them present an obstacle course that only serious construction can remedy. Combine this with the relatively dense population and the occasional traffic debacle, and it’s easy to realize how much people rely on their vehicle steering to get around safely. By making sure that your car steering repairs are conducted on schedule by professional technicians, you help yourself keep mastery of your vehicle, and minimize the chances of an accident.

Power steering repairs are essential to helping ensure that there are no surprises behind the wheel. Because of the way power steering works, issues can arise rather suddenly and without any real warning. Understanding the way that the power steering system works can increase your sensitivity to these problems, and help you avoid them altogether.

Power steering works though a series of hydraulic pumps and usually a “rack and pinion” system which turns your wheels in the correct direction. Keeping both of these components in good health is essential to retaining absolute control of your vehicle at all times.

Power Assist – Most often driven by your vehicles serpentine belt, the power assist is what makes the process of turning your steering wheel easy. Hydraulic systems do require maintenance from time to time to make sure that its motor is functioning smoothly. It is also important to make sure that there are no contaminants or leaks present in the lines of the system. Increased difficulty in turning your steering wheel can be an indicator of problems here.

Rack and Pinion – Most likely your vehicles wheels are manipulated by a rack and pinion mechanical system. Though this machinery is pretty heavy duty, keeping it operating smoothly can be a chore. Making sure that this system has the lubrication necessary to keep going is the main goal in this area. Inspecting the system for any potential problems is also important, as it will let you know ahead of time what repairs are on the horizon.

Let's face it, the steering wheel is the primary point of interface between you and your vehicle. Making sure that it remains responsive is an important part of a reliable car. Because you can never be too sure what the road has in store, we consider it a priority to keep the steering system in good repair.

Though there are other parts of the vehicle that are directly connected to steering, like the differential and suspension system, regular maintenance checks to the power assist and lubrication of the rack and pinion receive the vast majority of attention when it comes to keeping things steady. We invite you to contact us and speak to our service advisor if you have any questions. We will be glad to make sure that your questions are answered, and your needs are respected.

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