As our vehicles become more and more dependent on electricity, one of the more important processes in for your car is Alternator Repair. Mesa Arizona can be a little harsh when it comes to electrical systems due to the powerful heat that we all endure, for this reason; we have to take steps to make sure that both the Battery and the alternator which recharges it are in good operating condition.

Before we get into the specifics of what alternator repair entails, it is probably best to go over exactly what your alternator does and why its so important to the driving experience.

Your alternator (or generator) really only has one job, use a little bit of the engines power to create some electricity. This electricity in turn is used to charge the car battery, and a few components. Of course, a fully charged battery is also very important when it comes to starting the car, so alternator repairs become a priority, unless you enjoy replacing your battery on a regular basis.

In order to help our customers handle this potentially disastrous issue, we have put together a short list of the most common indicators of a faulty alternator. Repairs are sometimes an option, but occasionally alternator replacement is are necessary, but spotting the problem early gives you a better shot at saving some cash.

Warning Light – Some vehicles actually come equipped with an ALT or GEN light, but most often, a warning light showing a battery can pop up. This usually indicates that the battery is no longer being charged, or is at a low level. Get this checked out soon, because most vehicles can only be started about 12 times without the battery getting charged.

Dim Lights – Most alternators are the sole source of power for a vehicle’s headlights, if these begin to be dimmer than usual; it is a powerful indication that your alternator is having some kind of problem. Not to mention, this can easily get you pulled over at night.

Growling noise – a growling or whining noise from your vehicle is another classic indicator that your alternator is experiencing a problem. This could be as simple as a misalignment, or the alternator is about to end its life cycle. Sometimes, this can be accompanied by the smell of burning rubber or hot wires.

Dead Battery – this one is a no brainer for most drivers. If your battery is dead, ALWAYS check the alternator before replacing the battery. Otherwise, you are literally throwing money away, and you will just kill your next battery in record time.

The important thing to remember is that your alternator is indirectly responsible for a lot of the electrical systems in the vehicle. While many electrical problems in a vehicle are difficult to diagnose, checking the alternator first is one of the ways you can short circuit an often long and arduous process.

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