I was at The Brake Shop last week and had a great experience. The guys there were super friendly. I didn't feel like was getting the run around like at other shops. Very honest and quick service. I will definitely be going there again! - Jolene B.

The work done by Carl and Chris in replacing the brakes on my 2010 Chrysler Town & Country at The Brake Shop Total Car Care was outstanding. They beat all those discount and coupon shops. The work and attitude can only be described as GREAT. I have no hesitancy in saying that I would highly recommend this business and it's very professional people. - Vic W.

How refreshing to find an HONEST shop! They will now be my regular mechanics! - Marcy A.

These guys did an awesome job! Everything went smoothly, and they really gained my trust letting me know what needed and need not be done to my car. It was definitely affordable and I would  go back in a heartbeat! - Jocelyn M.

I recently had a heater hose break right before the holiday weekend. I was able to  bring in my car on Saturday. The heater hose was ordered and installed and ready to go by Wednesday! This was extremely important since I was starting a new job. I have been getting my car repaired at The Brake Shop for about 2 years now. The customer service and technical expertise of the mechanics is beyond excellent! If you need your car/truck repaired this is the place to go. The people at all levels at The Brake Shop are honest, and go way above and beyond to assist you. - Kat M.

These guys were amazing! I give them a 5 star all the way! I have a van that was having issues with its brakes and they were able to find my problem and get my brakes fixed! - Christina P.

It is rare to find such competency and honesty in an automotive shop. Last month I took my truck to the dealer to get some preventative maintenance done. During their safety inspection, they discovered that all my brake pads were in need of replacement, tires also. They recommended that I replace everything within the next couple months and gave me a quote of  about $600 for the brakes and $1500 for the tires.  I have a dually and I wanted the best tires/brakes, so I was not too surprised at the price. But I figured I would shop around and see what else was out there. I read some reviews online and decided I would give The Brake Shop a try.  I gave them a call and got a quote from Carl. For the best heavy duty pads, rotor turning, labor, etc., the brake job quote was about 1/2 of the quote from the dealer. Same pads! My appointment was yesterday. After about 45 minutes, Carl told me that I do not need brakes. I have approximately 1/2 of the life left. In all fairness, the dealer did disclose the thickness of the pads and they matched (almost) the measurement that The Brake Shop gave me. The difference was that the dealer said that they needed to be replaced as soon as possible. In addition, Carl said that the front tires should be replaced soon, but the back tires have about 10K miles left on them. I paid Carl $25 for their time/labor and went on my way. When I do need the brakes done, The Brake Shop will get my business! I HIGHLY recommend them. In addition, they have some veterans working for them. Carl is an Iraq combat veteran and Gene is Navy. Give them a try! - Kolin M.

I rate The Brake Shop 6 out of 5 stars. Carl should teach classes on customer service! I recommend this shop to everyone needing service for their vehicle because the employees are honest, they know their stuff, and they care. - J.H.

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